“Be proud of how far you’ve come and not how far you wanna go”@Sapphiraem, @blackgirlpod

I’ve been working on a website and intended on blogging about it once it was completed. It’s my first major website (created solely by me from start to finish) so it’s definitely a big deal (to me). At first I didn’t see a point in celebrating or even talking about it until it was completely done. That kind of attitude? I’m starting to realize that it’s all wrong. Those late nights and hours of reading books, old college notes and forums, I DID THAT! Researching and implementing new concepts into my site that I never even knew about prior? I DID THAT! Countless trial and error, debugging, writing thousands of lines of codes just to have to erase and start over? I went through it all on my own, and I can’t stress how important it is for us to celebrate those moments where we’ve come so far in our tasks and we’re STILL STANDING. It’s okay to take a second to pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve accomplished so far.

Ok so about this website:

I don’t remember if I mentioned this or not but currently I work for a team of engineers at a telecommunications company and my most recent task is to create a fully functional website that displays data reports based on different markets and market access. If all goes well, this website will be implemented among ALL MARKETS in the Northeast region (Don’t freak out, Phoebe, Don’t freak out.)


Now creating the report alone required a complex SQL query, consisting of different ONs, JOINs and a WHERE clause, and also needed to be filtered by market and cell site using dropdownlist controls. Mind you, this is my first time dealing (in depth) with SQLDataConnectionDataReader and SQLcommand so getting the information to display accurately on the report (or even at all) was the first major challenge of many that I faced. But alas, I did it!


I’ve now moved on to creating login/login functionalities, a site log to keep track of everything done while a user is logged in, and I’m also considering adding an “approve/deny” component that will allow administrators to review data before its is updated in the database, which I feel will help control the information being entered into the database.

So far, being that I’m more comfortable doing back-end coding, my biggest challenge has been the design portion. Prior to this, I’ve done minimal HTML/CSS coding so this project has completely taken me out of my comfort zone. Surprisingly though, doing something so different than what I’m used to has become the best part of this experience. Front-End coding never really was an interest of mine, but I’ve actually geared an interest towards becoming a full-stack developer now. Now that I’ve reached the halfway mark, I’ll be expanding on my knowledge of HTML/CSS and even start diving into some Javascript. Stay tuned 🙂

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