I joined twitter as @awkwardblkcoder roughly about a week ago – simply for networking purposes and to meet more people who shared similar interests and goals as me. I join in a few tech discussions, marvel at some of the projects the tech community is working on, and I even enjoy the articles and blogs I come across (I’ll be sure to share them sometimes.) But honestly,  I had no idea what to really expect from a social media platform. I was shocked to find the answer to that question rather quickly.


So I’ve officially reached the part of my website where I’m considering publishing a beta version that the engineers on my team can use and test. There’s just one problem: I have no idea how to publish a visual studio web application. After countless YouTube videos, forums and research, I decided to try something I never tried before – ask Twitter.


Can I tell you how surprised I was to receive the feedback I did??? I wrote that tweet on a whim and just forgot all about it and I came back to find my inbox filled with people who didn’t even know me but actually wanted to help me. People like @gobias_infosec who created a test website just to make sure he was giving me accurate advice, @jhsolor who reached out with a number of alternatives for me to try and he also let me know I could reach out to him if I needed any more help, @benjakuben who reached out to others he felt could properly assist me with my question, and @SmashDev who assisted as well and also asked the kind of questions I love answering because i want to get more comfortable talking about my work :). Oh and to all the people who retweeted! I probably wouldn’t have even gotten the amazing advice I did had it not been for them. Ok I’ll wrap this Oscar speech up by simply saying THANK YOU! Anyone who is serious about joining the tech field, I strongly urge you to have some sort of internet presence, whether it be a blog, vlog, github (next on my list) or just a plain old Twitter. You will learn so much from the different people, articles, videos and conversations you’ll come across it’ll be worth it! The tech community is filled with people who just want to help and offer feedback.

I’ve decided to put off publishing the site for now and focus on adding more components to it (User Settings, etc). Be sure to check out my blog later as I’ll be letting you know what I worked on today. And make sure you all stay tuned for Deployment part 2 (where i actually publish the site and let you all know how it goes!) 🙂



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