So cheers – cheers to us being afraid, but doing it anyway – Gabrielle Union, “We’re Going to Need More Wine”

There’s just something about the ringing of the new year that I love, simply because it’s a time filled with optimism for many and a chance for us to tackle new goals and adopt new mindsets. Yes I know it can get annoying how easily some of us think that we can pull a complete 180 on our life at the stroke of midnight but sometimes a new year is just the push we may need to set new goals, get inspired, face new challenges or drop old habits. As for me, 2017 was a GREAT year! To name a few of my wins, I landed my first tech job,  reached a new plateau in my coding, launched my blog, traveled more, and I GOT ENGAGED!!

So from the outside looking in, I was in no rush for the year to end – except for one thing:

Professionally, I was on autopilot. Towards the end of 2017 I found myself stuck on a website I didn’t think I’d still be trying to complete when I was so close to the finish line ! I wasn’t reading anymore tech blogs or continuing coding challenges or side projects. And worst of all, I was being offered countless chances to design websites for others and denied them without even a second thought. A part of me just honestly didn’t feel confident in my abilities and it started to reflect on how i worked and what decisions i made regarding my career.

So my “resolution” for 2018 is to be uncomfortable – put myself out there and act like i deserve to be exactly where I am and on the exact path that I’m headed, even in those moments where it’s terrifying and feels like there’s a chance I may fail. I plan to be more accountable, blog more, code more, and be more confident as a developer. I’ve enrolled in the #100daysofcode challenge and I’ve also committed to my most important project – building my wedding website FROM SCRATCH! 2017 was the year many doors were opened for me, but 2018 is going to be the year I kick down new doors!


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